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Of bats and legends!

Hey all, I mentioned a legends in one of my posts. So here goes…….The people on Pemba Island have many legends regarding bats, one of them is that some bats actually take on a human form at night and attack humans! This may be somehow related to the vampire bat urban legend!!!!One such legend was […]

Various links….that you may want to look at!

Below are some interesting links on some of the conservation efforts on the Island Lubee Bat Conservation Programs Seacology Oryx Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund

Kidike Pemba Flying Fox Association

Well I promised to post some pictures of the Information Centre at the Kidike, which was the first to form an association. The pictures show the previous information centre built by the communities at Mjini Ole and the construction of the new information centre with support from the Department of Comercial Crops Fruits and Forestry […]

How a Pemba Flying Fox is caught……

Some of you are interested in how we caught the Pemba Flying Fox.Believe it or not, we used to catch the Pemba Flying Fox with a slingshot! You know like, David and Goliath….well am not proud of it now, but it was a part of my childhood. This was usually done by the children in […]

How it all started!

Well, I would like to tell you how we started working towards the protection of the Pemba Flying Fox. It all started with an organization known as Fauna and Flora International ( which noted the decline in the population of the Pemba Flying Fox and decided to work with the Department of Commercial Crops Fruits […]

Hello Bat Friends!

Jambo! Welcome to our Nature Trail! My name is Said Juma, I’m the Chief Forest Officer on Pemba Island. This is a blog about our wonderful island in Tanzania, its people, their culture and their conservation efforts. And of course the Pemba Flying Foxes that the community‚Äôs has been protecting and monitoring. The Pemba Flying […]