Monthly Archives: May 2008

Pemba Flying Foxes in green cities

I read in a paper by Enwistle and Corp (1997) that the Pemba Flying Foxes like roosting in graveyards – and I can now understand exactly why!  There is a graveyard in most villages, and it is the only place which is usually completely undisturbed.  The people here believe that if they disturb the graveyard […]

Discussing Conservation with the local Pemba people

The socio-economic interviews have been really interesting, and are a nice opportunity to sit down with the villagers and take a break from the hot sun.  We have been talking to three main groups of people; the conservation club members that have been set up in some areas around important roosts, the wider public, and […]

Volunteer needed in Zanzibar

We are looking for a volunteer who will be based on Zanzibar Island. The volunteer will be attached to the Department of Commercial Crops, Fruits and Forestry on Zanzibar Island. They will assist the department to develop guidelines for Zoo establishment and management. They should have the relevant experience and training. This is a voluntary […]

Beautiful Pemba!

I work with Fauna & Flora International at the East African branch. We have been partners with the Department of Commercial Crops, Fruits and Forestry (DCCFF) Zanzibar for over 5 years. We have been working towards the conservation of the indigeneous forests and their resident endemic species in particular the Pemba Flying Fox. We have […]

Night Flight of the Pemba Flying Fox

Being nocturnal, darkly-coloured and fast fliers, bats are notoriously difficult to count! The trees here on Pemba are large and thick in foliage which also makes counting a hard task. Because of the difficulties in counting the flying fox roosts, last week we decided to test some different methods of counting. We will be comparing […]

Kidike Roost Site developments

Work is continuing at Kidike roost. This week the toilets are expected to be finished, becoming the first roost site with facilities! The staff here are always welcoming and proud of their roost. The roost is little bit different to many of the others on the island. The species of trees the bats are using […]

Counting Flying Foxes!By Janine Robinson

First I want to say how happy I am to be working with these wonderful animals, and in such a beautiful place! The first time I saw flying foxes was in a forest in Northern Madagascar – they completely enchanted me and I remember thinking how much I would love to work with them in […]


First of all I must apologize for the lack of updates! The last couple of months have been very busy in the field.  Since the arrival of our volunteer, we have been conducting a comprehensive survey of all the Pemba Flying Fox roosts on the island.  Janine is studying for her MSc in Applied Ecology […]