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Volunteer needed in Zanzibar

We are looking for a volunteer who will be based on Zanzibar Island. The volunteer will be attached to the Department of Commercial Crops, Fruits and Forestry on Zanzibar Island. They will assist the department to develop guidelines for Zoo establishment and management. They should have the relevant experience and training.

This is a voluntary position, modest living expenses will be covered. Please email us with a letter expressing your interest and your curriculum vitae at [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you!

Volunteer at last!

Finally we got a volunteer!

Thank you to all who have shown interest in the volunteer position. We are very grateful to see that very many people are interested in the helping us here in Pemba. Unfortunately we can only take in one volunteer at a time. We have finally selected one who is due to come to Pemba in mid March and we are looking forward to her arrival!
She is a Masters student from the Uk and she will undertake some research on the current population and distribution of the Pemba Flying Fox. She will undertake a population survey with the team on the Island that conducts these surveys routinely to get an estimate of the population.
The methods used are a direct count and a patch count. During the last priority roost survey ( This is a survey of some select roost sites) in October 2007 the total population was 16,451 individuals compared to the previous year’s population of 15,049. These surveys assist in monitoring the population trend. She will also map out the distribution of the Pemba Flying Fox on the Island. It would be great to have that.
The volunteer will therefore assist us in publishing the results of the surveys conducted, in the Fauna & Flora International Conservation Journal known as the Oryx.
Will be sure to post a link to the publication once it’s done!
Finally she will also help me with updating the blog and training a few representatives from the Pemba Flying Fox Associations on how to use the blog. We couldnt be more grateful.
That’s it for now on the the Pemba Flying Fox.

We need a volunteer!

Hello everybody!
As you can see we are thinking of taking on a volunteer researcher. We are looking for someone who would like to spend a period of 3-6 months on the Island to carry out some research on the Pemba Flying Fox. They may however suggest other research topics which we could considered.
You must be an easy going person, flexible and friendly. You must also respect the people’s culture and be ready to live in a remote but beautiful place.
We would also like the person to assist us in updating the blog daily. I will post the specific terms of reference soon.

Update on the Kidike Information Centre……..

Well, the centre is complete and its looks wonderful. We have had quite a number of visitors and they like it too! We would like someone to design some good interpretation material, please contact me if you would like to help with this.