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Beautiful Pemba!

I work with Fauna & Flora International at the East African branch. We have been partners with the Department of Commercial Crops, Fruits and Forestry (DCCFF) Zanzibar for over 5 years. We have been working towards the conservation of the indigeneous forests and their resident endemic species in particular the Pemba Flying Fox. We have recently returned from an evaluation of progress made and brought back a collection of photographs. Hope you enjoy seeing beautiful Pemba!

Ngezi interpretation boardNgezi Vumawimbi Nature trail interpretation board

Ngezi Vumawimbi beach 2Road through the Ngezi Forest leading to the Ngezi Vumawimbi beach

Ngezi Vumawimbi beach 1 Ngezi Vumawimbi beach

Women 2 Women and Children of Pemba Island

weaving basketsweaving baskets 2

baskets 2baskets 1Baskets made by women groups on Pemba Island up for sale!

These women produce these baskets to supplement their family income, we are currently looking for a market for their products as this seems to be the main challenge. Suggestions are welcome! J